DIGIMAX Video Productions (PG-0140456-M) International Cinematographer · Videographer
  • Date : 04-11-2012
  • Wedding : Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (option C) + SDE
  • Songs : The Vision of Love by Kris Allen
  • Genre : Wedding Story

Nicky & Christine : SDE from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

用花来表达语言实在太丰富了! 我们的新郎哥Nicky以浪漫诗意满地的玫瑰花瓣来表达爱意,完美的策划终于给新娘子带来了一个巨大的惊喜+感动+喜悦+幸福..已填写在她的脸上了…真的太捧了!新郎哥足足耗费了婚礼前七晚才大功告成把一片一片的玫瑰花瓣粘成为一排字 “Christine, I LOVE U” 这短片播放在当天宴会晚上终于赢了热烈的掌声与笑声..场面热闹极了…虽然整个婚礼的时间安排得很匆忙…把新娘从遥远的山城娶到大都市…来来回回的路程对拍摄充满了挑战性,不过DIGIMAX成功以短时间剪接此浪漫短片,完成新郎哥的要求…看了整个场面的反应,我们的幸苦付出终于得到了满足感…DIGIMAX在此祝福你们俩美福……

We have to say that Nicky is really a romantic guy, he loves to give surprises to his lovely bride.  He had taken nearly 7 days by specially crafting and sticking one by one from roses’ petals in order to make up the wordings : “Christine, I LOVE U”. Tears of joy and appreciation filled the atmosphere when the bride first stepped into her bedroom. It has created a warm + surprised + touching feeling for the bride that you may see and feel it in the highlight..Happy to say that Christine’s first impression has been captured by our teams. This highlight has been premiered in their reception at Ming  Garden Restaurant at Time  Square, Penang, Malaysia on 04 Nov 2012.

After premiering the highlight, we received a thunderous applause and standing ovation from the audience.  Especially Nicky’s parents and sister both came over to us  personally saying Thanks and satisfied  with our performance. Thanks to Nicky and Christine for such a stunning wedding and well cooperation with us throughout the filming sessions.

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