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About Us

Action! Photos, as gorgeous as they may be, are stills – but film is something entirely different. If you want to see yourself on your wedding day in all your glory, moving, speaking, interacting with your guests, that magical moment and the sparkle in your eye – there is nothing better than a wedding video.

In DIGIMAX Video Productions , we are committed to render your wedding videography into a movie of unforgettable memories to both your family and friends; and most importantly, the moment of your love for each other. Our expertise is in cinematography as well as transforming it into your video. We specialize in pre-wedding, story line and wedding videos .

Years of experience allows us to make your moments of special wedding into a masterpiece regardless of the type of wedding you have. Whether it is a Malay, Chinese or Indian wedding, traditional or modern, garden wedding or beach wedding …your wedding becomes your personal blockbuster when we are the ones who create video for you. You may choose to have your videos taken locally, or even overseas.

By capturing each beautiful and spontaneous moments, the movie is a collection of images that is as individual and unique as you are. DIGIMAX ensures the magic of your wedding day is something that you will share and enjoy for generations to come.

Our passion is to create a perfect wedding movie that capturing your love moments, which has been our driving force ever since 2001 when DIGIMAX was established by our founder TS Lee. He founded DIGIMAX and his passion has soared him as far as Thailand, Singapore and even Australia.

Today, DIGIMAX team has grown and become the best and well known Cinematography & Videography Company in Malaysia and international stage.

DIGIMAX Video Productions will turn the historical pages of your life, for you, with you, on that special occasion which marks a significant, positive change to your life.