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Nanda & Karthi | Always and Forever

  • Date : 25-06-2017
  • Wedding : Sri Thandayutapani temple, Chettiars Hall, Jalan sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Dinner : Dewan Sri Mariamman Hall, Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package B)
  • Song : Become by Phillip Cuccias & Neethanae (From “Mersal”) & Chillena (From “Raja Rani”)
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

“Journeys end in lovers meeting,” -William Shakespeare. Have any of you heard of the Red Thread of Fate?

The Red Thread of Fate also known as the Red Thread of Marriage originates from Chinese legend. According to this myth, human relations are predestined by a red string that the gods tie to the pinky fingers of those who find each other in life. Two people who are connected in this way are bound together by Fate itself. Sooner or later, they are destined to meet, no matter how far apart they live or how much their life circumstances differ. And, when it happens, that encounter is certain to profoundly affect both of them. The magical cord can sometimes stretch and become tangled, which could postpone the fateful meeting. But, those ties will never be broken.

And so, We believe that is exactly how their got married. Their wedding is an arranged marriage. The first time they both met was at our ex-couple’s (their cousin) Vicky & Sharmila’s wedding in July 2013. Little did we know, someday fate would bring them both together as soulmates. Back then, marriage talks were brought up but neither of them were keen as the bride wasn’t ready and she wanted to complete her studies. Fast forward to 2016, they came across each other again as both their parents decided to match make them. This time they were both ready to move on to the next phase in life- marriage.

After the first meet, the groom met her bride for the second time in 3 years when the groom and family went to her parents’ house to formally seek agreement for her hand in marriage. On that day, the groom was for a moment in his life, able to predict future. He saw a future, an opportunity for something spectacular, something beyond his imagination. A holy union of two individuals joining together for a greater cause, redefining their own meaning in life and understanding of happiness.

After a brief courtship, they got married in this year. Their hopes and dreams for this beautiful journey called marriage is that may they never forget their love for each other through thick and thin, through all the challenges and crossroads, and share their joy with the world with bright beautiful children someday.

The wordings always and forever exactly how they pictured in mind. Bringing it out perfectly.
Enjoy Watching !

Nanda & Karthik

Credit & Thanks :
Cinematographer :Digimax Video Productions
Photographer : Bestian & Kelly Photography
Engagement venue : Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple ,Seberang Jaya, Penang
Wedding venue ; Sri Thandayutapani temple, Chettiars Hall, Jalan sentul, Kuala Lumpur
Reception venue : Dewan Sri Mariamman Hall, Jalan Mengkuang, butterworth

Nanda & Karthi youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=z_peureQ5YU

Dr.Siva & Dr.Yogi | “Mangalyam Tantunanena”

  • Date : 09-04-2017
  • Wedding : Sree Selva Vina Vinayagar Temple, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package B)
  • Song : As One by Generdyn & Neeyum Naanum (From “Naanum Rowdy Dhaan”)
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

Dr.Siva & Dr.Yogi Youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=bYKShZB7zTA  youtube.com/watch?v=p_y-b-9sRIU  re-edit title youtube.com/watch?v=orBrwwsGi0o

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Yoges & Leshani | Christian Malayalee Marriage | “Infinity”

  • Date : 18 & 25-02-2017
  • Holy Matrimony : the Larish of Holy Trinity, Holy Trinity Church, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia
  • Indian Wedding : Lava, The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package C)
  • Song : Farthest Seas by Tony Anderson & From This Day On by Tim Halperin & Be Free x Pallivalu Bhadravattakam by Vidva Vox & Silver Lining by Lights & Motion
  • Genre : Wedding Film

The wedding films featuring our main stars of the day, Yoges & Leshani
Capturing emotions – the overlooked and the unseen real moments are our trademark shots… Words may not be enough to describe what you are about to see, so sit back and enjoy our wedding cinema video.

The couple had chosen to stick to the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. After prayer session at the bride’s house, they only held hands behind walls while they anxiously anticipating to see each other. They patiently waited for the perfect moment, simply wanting to save the surprise of the first look when she walks down the aisle! Such a sweet and lovely couple…Enjoy watching !

Editor : Digimax Lee
Cinematographer : Digimax Video Productions
Photographer : Moooks Photography
Graphic design : Low Goet Imm
Church wedding : the Larish of Holy Trinity , Holy Trinity Church Batu Gajah
Traditional Wedding :Lava, The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

Yoges & Leshani Youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=hJflPXxAjUw   youtube.com/watch?v=wJOvfhfvUh4

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Naveen & Prethy | To Infinity & Beyond

  • Date : 27-11-2016
  • Wedding : Sri Sitthi Vinayagar Temple, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
  • Reception : Dewan Perdana, Keramat Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Package : Cinematic Style (Diamond Package B)
  • Song : Chal Maar (From Tutak Tutak Tutiya) & Nillayo (From Bairavaa)
  • Genre : Wedding Cinema

Wedding Cinema | Naveen & Prethy | To Infinity and Beyond by Digimax Video Productions from Digimax Video Productions on Vimeo.

Any home can be a castle when the King and Queen are in love……….
“I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life” – that was a funny statement from the Bride. Yeah let me introduce this cheeky couple Naveen & Prethy.

Their love travelled from North to South with lots of up’ s and down’ s. But this is their destiny full of love, excitement and happiness.

Their love clicked in KL under the same employer. She proposed him with these words “would you allow me to share your initial?” One moment he kept quiet then said “wait till tomorrow”. The sun rises and her inbox were full of his messages saying “I was shy when you proposed me but I love you deep in my heart, never leave me apart”. There started their journey and now the knot is tied in front of two families and witnessed by friends & relatives.

The entire wedding had so much happiness and sorrows but the patience from the Bride to the Groom and to the family and relatives we’re outstanding. Definitely all marriages will have the ups & downs but it stays in people’s heart how they run the show. This marvellous wedding did a great job from start till end and for sure the credit goes to the families of the Bride & Groom. Thank you for having us to capture this wonderful day, it’s our pleasure.

A marriage is not a noun, it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s the way you love your partner everyday……

Cinematographer : Digimax Lee Low Goet Imm
Editor : Kent
Photographer : Mike Tan
Make-up artist : gLi+z Shantini Prithivi Raj
Wedding venue : Sri Sithi Vinayagar Temple, Sungai Petani
Reception venue : Dewan Perdana, Keramat Mall Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Naveen & Prethy youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=_YPAuHxRsTc
Digimax fanpage : facebook.com/DigimaxVideoProductions