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Wedding in the Woods of Joachim & Daphne

: 01/07/2013
: Baling & Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia
: Sekeping Serendah, Rawang, Selengor, Malaysia
: Cinematic Style (Diamond Package B)
: My Love Will Never Fail You y Marie Hines
: Wedding Cinema

Joachim & Daphne met when they were in secondary school and there was no love at first sight. In fact, they only got closer when they attended a tuition class together. They themselves didn’t know that their relationship could last the test of time as most high school couples tend to go their own ways when they go to different universities. As fated, they ended up being accepted into UPM together and the rest is history. By the time of their wedding in July, they have just celebrated their one decade together.

If we could summarise their wedding preparations and multiple receptions, we would call it a ‘Crazy Fabulous Wedding in 80 days’. No prior Plans, No Venues and No Wedding Planner! It was just Joachim and Daphne with their bunch of supportive families and good friends, putting their heads and hands together for this joyous
event. As both Joachim and Daphne are working in KL, there was a lot of travelling between KL and Penang involved during the preparation.

The wedding kicked off with their Chinese Ceremony and Receptions in Bukit Mertajam and Baling. There was a lot of tea served and ‘Yum Seng’ involved throughout the events.

A week after, the couple had another intimate Vow Exchange ceremony and reception held in a hidden gem in Rawang, Sekeping Serendah. Joachim and Daphne chose to have this small ceremony as they have always wanted to walk down the aisle and be married in front of their closest family and friends. The ceremony was held in a warehouse which was surrounded by lush greeneries and open nature, hence the theme ‘wedding in the WOODS’. The decor, invitations, door gifts and flowers were all handmade and prepared by the couple and their creative buddies. There were good food, great ambience, awesome live music coupled with a sporting and fantastic crowd, the party was in full swing.

In this wedding, there were a lot of moments captured, from laughter to tears and a heartfelt love between the couple, we wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Special dedication of the highlight from the couple to Joachim’s late father, “We know you will always be watching over us from above, Papa.”

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Grab a tissue ! We hope you can feel all of the LOVE that was shared in this video on Joachim & Daphne’s special day ! Enjoy viewing !

Youtube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGzhJxtVzl0