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Destination Wedding | Sydney Australia | Sid & Priya

: 31/01/2016
: Sydney, Australia
: International Package (Platinum Package)
: Enna Solla (From “Thangamagan”) & Mulumathy (From “Jodha Akbar”) & Neduvaali (From “Osthe”)
: Wedding Films

Give a glimpse into a colorful and cultural extravaganza – the Unique Indian wedding. .. at Sydney, Australia

Priya was dolled up for all 3 events by BLUSH Beauty & Beyond ( dr Dinesh Nair ), she looks so stunning and beautiful in our video with your magical skill of make-up. The 3days trip was filled with love, joy and fun. It is absolutely fantastic ! It was a heart touching occasion with many laughter, excitement and wonderful speeches. The MC, bride’s only brother had brought a lot of fun to the newly-wed couple and the full house. Enjoy watching !

Thanks to Digimax’s team for the wonderful final output :
cinematographers : Kent Beng
Graphic design : Sandy
Full length editor : Qin

Special Thanks to our lovely couple and both family members for the honour in allowing our team to be part of your greatest day. Thank you for your trust in DIGIMAX Video Productions and your good heart.

Sid & Priya Youtube link : youtube.com/watch?v=kPiB3C3TipA   youtube.com/watch?v=h9VoyXRTzTI

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